Making Fish n' Chips

Each of our nautical sculptures are an original piece of fish art designed and crafted by hand  A paper template is hand drawn to capture the beauty of the fish and then each piece of the body is cut out by hand using metal shears or a plasma cutter. The pieces are formed by Tony's metal shaping skills and hammering the curves using a palm tree trunk as an anvil.  The fish is then carefully built using a welding torch and features and highlights added using molten steel. The beautiful colors are achieved using a butane torch to draw them out of the metal by 'painting with fire'. 

Tony is a skilled craftsman and puts his creativity into each piece of fish art he creates. Each marine sculpture is a unique work of fish art.

Step 1: Draw a full size template on cardboard and cut out the pieces to trace out on your steel sheet

Step 2: Using 18 gauge steel sheet. Cut out the pieces ready for shaping

Step 3: Shape the pieces by hammering and clean up with a flapper disk and angle grinder

Step 4: Determine placement of fins and the tail

Step 5: All pieces ready for welding

Step 6: Assemble pieces and add details

Step 7: Finish the art by painting with flame to add beautiful colors